Welcome of Yousef Coffee

We are a small and friendly cafe located near St Kilda beach. We are known for our world class coffees and peaceful enviroment located right near the beach. Feel free to browse our website and pop in for a visit when around St Kilda beach. Your experience at this wonderful cafe will be like no other cafe you have ever visited.

What we do

We are a cafe which specalises in coffee, comfort food and meals. The meals and comfort we provide are a handful of famous dishes everyone loves from all over the world such as, pastas, curries, burgers, salads, soups and desserts.

Our meals are hand made and we are 100% garentee that most of our ingredients are fresh from local farms.

Our Coffee

Our coffee is like no other that you have ever tasted before. Our beans are some of the most high quality beans to have ever been produced in this world. Our secret barista technique has been secretly taught to the most trustworthy and have been passed down to generations.

Just one sip of our coffee will make you come back for more.

We would love to hear from our customers on what they think or if they have any questions at all. Our address is located on our footer and if you would like to contact us directly and quickly, we have a form for you to fill out on our contact us page.

Thank you very much and we hope to see and hear from you soon

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