How I lost an amazing 7.8kg in 28 days with calorie counting and still be happy!


Hi guys in this blog, I would like to explain to you how in 2019 I lost an amazing 7.8kg in 28 days by calorie counting, diet, exercise discipline and still be able to feel happy and fantastic!

The beginning of my story

It was near the end of 2016, my final year of university. My studies were a priority at the time which means everything else such as my hobbies and health, especially my health was not. I developed bad eating habits, sleeping times, my diet was horrible, I was definitely not calorie counting. I didn’t even know how important calorie counting was back then and as a result, I gained a lot of weight and felt sluggish within my everyday life. I had energy at times but I could have more. This behaviour continued on when I was looking for a job in 2017 until near the end of 2019 where I started to make a change to my everyday lifestyle.

Where everything changed

In 2018 I was at a networking event ran by one of my friends who is a life and business coach. There I met a woman who was an amazing health expert. She is a cancer expert as well as a physiotherapist who currently runs her own clinic. I connected with her and through her, I met an amazing group called Global Galaxy. This group specialises in health and business education. I’ve always had the desire to be my own man and not only did I learn a lot about health and develop healthy habits through them but I also got to learn a lot of business skills, knowledge and how to invest in my financial future. The group also offers a program called 28DTC which stands for 28-day transformation challenge. I’ve been a part of the group for a couple of years but it wasn’t until near the end of 2019 I decided to take part of that challenge.

My weight loss journey within the 28 days


When I participated within this 28-day transformation challenge, we were all assigned a basic meal plan which we could cater to our liking, a partner to keep us accountable, some apps for our reporting, exercise and calorie counting, a trainer to ask advice from as well as some balanced meal replacement shakes and vitamins for this challenge to take in addition to our meals. The great thing about these meal replacement shakes and vitamins is that they are also designed to also fit in your everyday life too as opposed to a certain period of time, providing a more healthy lifestyle to the consumer. Before I started the challenge, I’ve said to myself I’m going to commit to this! I’m not going to have any cheat meals or eat any junk food what so ever in these 28 days and lose as much weight as I can safely.

My routine consisted of exercising 5-6 times a week doing different activities, eating healthy, calorie counting, getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep and making sure I’m recovering properly. With a combination of those things, I believe calorie counting is definitely one of the most important things and factors for weight loss. I gave myself a goal of no more than 2000 calories a day and divided my macronutrients into appropriate portions with the help of my health experts and personal trainers. I would also like to add that I am not a personal trainer or health expert of any kind. The following information I am sharing with you is from my personal experience and what has worked for me. Everyone is different and different methods work well for others. Speak to a health professional before attempting any weight loss program.

Some of the exercises I did were gym activities, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, group workouts with our 28DTC community and trainers, workouts from the app given to us if I didn’t have time to go to the gym or jiu-jitsu, 1000 steps in Dandenong with some mates and walks and jogs on my days off to keep the body loose. Diet consists of taking a meal replacement shake in the morning, salads with small amounts or no dressing, proteins such as eggs, chicken, tuna, salmon, kangaroo and beef with small amounts of seasoning. Vegetables such as broccoli, capsicum, peas, carrots and corn. For snacks, I had fruit, Greek yogurt, protein shakes and cottage cheese. For carbs, I had brown rice or wholemeal bread. PLEASE whatever you decide to eat, keep it healthy, make sure you are calorie counting and don’t eat any junk food. IT’s JUST 28 days!!!

Results and final comments

After 28 days of this routine, I was lost an amazing 7.8kg. I felt so proud of myself! I also felt like I was 1 step closer to changing my life around. I understand losing that amount of weight in 28 days can be a little dangerous according to some health experts but honestly, I felt fantastic! I was so much lighter, I had more energy, I didn’t feel sluggish at all, I saved SO MUCH MONEY from eating healthier and cooking my own meals. My Jiu-jitsu movements are so much lighter without that extra weight I was carrying. The lessons and mindset I’ve learnt from that challenge, I still carry it even until this day such as healthy eating habits, consistent exercise, calorie counting better-sleeping patterns and so on. The community we have here not only at Galaxy but the 28DTC community is lifechanging and amazing! People from all different backgrounds, ages, health issues come together, support each other with their weight loss journey and health goals. If you would like to know more about it, hit me up!!

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